Liberty Alert at Home


A complete Personal Emergency Response System for your home. Select either a Landline or Cell phone connection. Also available with automatic fall detection.

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How it Works:

1. Pressing your water-resistant personal help button (PHB) will immediately activate the Liberty Alert unit.
2. Within seconds, your response centre will be notified of your need for assistance.
3. When a call for help is received, the response centre’s computers provide an attendant with all of your personal information.
4. The attendant will talk to you through the Liberty Alert unit’s speaker.
5. The attendant will then telephone your family, friends, or emergency services based on the assistance needed.
6. Even if you cannot hear or speak to the attendant, help may be summoned for you.

The Liberty Alert is fast and simple to install. Your service provider’s representative may connect the unit during an installation visit, you may elect to do it yourself, or you
may ask a friend or relative to install it for you.

To ensure that you always receive the fastest response time possible, it is important to notify your service provider of any desired changes to your personal account information.Your
response centre needs to be aware of changes to your address, telephone number, responder information, medical history, allergies, doctor information, hidden key location, and other
information you wish to have on file.

Always wear your PHB and test the system often!
Please contact your service provider if you have any questions or concerns after reading this
manual. You can enter your providers contact information here:

Safety information:
The Liberty Alert unit must be placed indoors.
• To prevent damage to the base unit, do not place the Liberty Alert base unit near
• Do not spray or wipe cleaners directly on the Liberty Alert base unit. Extensive moisture
may cause damage.

Description of Features
Water-Resistant Personal Help Button (PHB)
Your PHB may be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Both styles are water-resistant and may be worn in
the bathtub and shower. Your PHB uses an indicator light to display the status of its internal battery.
While your PHB is being pushed, a green light will indicate that the internal battery is good. A red light
indicates that the internal battery may be weak.

Wireless Performance
The Liberty Alert is equipped with a sophisticated receiver that is carefully matched to each wireless
device or accessory. The Liberty Alert unit can receive signals from paired accessories up to 600 feet away.

Two-Way Voice Communications
After connecting to the response centre, your Liberty Alert unit shifts to a two-way speakerphone, allowing
you to speak with the response centre.

Microphone and Speaker (Figure 1)
The microphone in your Liberty Alert is sensitive enough to hear voice communication around corners
and in other rooms of your home. You do not need to be in the same room with the Liberty Alert unit for
the response centre to hear you! The Liberty Alert's audio system is engineered to provide for an
increase of up to 83 times the normal volume.

Battery Monitoring
Your Liberty Alert unit is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery. The battery provides constant
power to your Liberty Alert unit for up to 27 hours if power is lost. The Liberty Alert constantly monitors its
battery condition when the unit is being powered by its battery. The Liberty Alert can also be
programmed to send notifications of when it is operating on battery power when that battery is getting
low, and when the battery is no longer able to continue powering the unit. Please note: the Liberty Alert’s
battery can only re-charge while the power switch is in the on (“I”) position.

Manual Testing
It is recommended that you manually test your Liberty Alert at regular intervals (at least once monthly), by
pushing your PHB. When the response centre answers, it’s important to inform them that you are
conducting a test. It is important to be familiar and comfortable with your Liberty Alert and your monitoring

The Liberty Alert is a wireless device that can be easily moved and used in any location in which cell service
is available. However, it does NOT have GPS capabilities and CANNOT determine a user’s location via
signal transmission. The Response Center relies on the accuracy of the information you provide them
and will direct Emergency Responders to the address they have on file. Therefore, it is imperative that
you promptly notify the Response Center whenever you relocate your Liberty Alert unit.

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